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[IP] Re: Reusing Insulin Cartridges

Haven't tried it as I'm not using a DTRON, but when I took the
pump training seminar for it they said once the top of the vial
has been punctured so many times times (3 I think), the integrity
of the seal is damaged and you'll get those errors or alarms
because of it. I bet that is why you were getting that message.

I got to take a DTRON home with me to play with for several days
and it started giving me problems because of this and wouldn't
stop (this is because it got punctured so many times at these
seminars that it just messed up the integrity of the seal.) What
I did was put a tiny piece of tegaderm over the top of the vial,
put it all back together, and had no more problems with it after

Bud said:
Has onyone tried refilling the insulin cartridges that come with
the D-Tron
and Pen?  I tried it, even put mineral oil on the rubber plunger
and coated
the glass vial, but everytime got an occlusion error.  Is there a
way to do

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