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Re: [IP] Getting a pump

> >>>...and then get out the yellow pages or ask  other DMers in your area for
> references for a new endo and start researching.  >>>
> If a pump-friendly endo is not on the IP site of doctors, call the
> pump company (of your choice) and ask which endos in your vicinity
> has Rx'd pumps. That way you'll know. (~_^)

Gotta say that it doesn't work that way. Lily recently had to change 
endos because her favorite now no longer accepts ANY insurance 
payments. Anyway, figuring that the simplest way would be to get a 
referral from the pump reps, I proceeded to get a list of local docs. 
the list was short, so chose the closest one. Lily's appointment was 
yesterday -- big bummer. I could tell a long story here about all the 
things that were wrong, but I won't. Suffice it to say that a 
recommendation from one of you on the list that has experience with a 
doc in a patient-doc relationship has gotta be a much better solution 
than simply knowing that at one time or another the practice 
prescribed a pump to someone. Needless to say, Lily will not go back 
to the "new" doc and the next one will come from the referal list. We 
might have to drive a few more miles, but at least the expectation 
will be for a supportive informed physician.

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