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[IP] Lispro/Regular Question

I had an appt. with my new endo who suggested me changing from Regular to 
Lispro in my pump.  After being ill a couple of years ago and dropping 10 
lbs. my insulin regiment is crazy compared to what it was when I started 
pumping.  When I started I had my basals set and bolused 1 unit for 15g of 
carbo at meal time.  Now I find I run better if I have a slightly higher 
basal and I do very minimal bolusing (under .4u) at meal times.  If I run 
high and bolus (for example .8 for a 280 bloodsugar) my sugar stays high and 
hours later bottoms out.  I know my routine is not the norm but I still worry 
that with the Lispro all that would happen with it being in my system for a 
shorter period of time is that I may bottom out sooner.  Also, I already 
bolus after my meals because of stomach problems I never know how much I will 
be eating.  Any insight or advise on this is much appreciated.  If I do 
switch it will be in a couple of months.  Please let me know what you think!

Thank You, Linda
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