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[IP] Can't return Test Strips?

Getta' load of this garbage:

Last Friday while I was shopping for a humidifier at Walmart (now I can sleep
without sinus headaches when I wake!) I decided to purchase a 50 count box of
my Fast Take test strips.  The only reason that I purchased them over the
counter was that I didn't think that my prescription refill (mail order,)
would be in before Tuesday when I guess that I would be running out.  I had
only sent my refill request on the previous Saturday so there was no way that
I would get them!  I specifically asked the clerk if I would be able to
return them if indeed I didn't need them.  I was told "Yes, by all means, but
make certain that the package isn't opened."  I gladly forked over the $31.00
for the strips.  Well, miracles never cease, and my refill order was
delivered on Saturday!  I would not need these strips after all.  I pay
$15.00 for my 3 month supply through my mail order pharmacy and for that I
get 600 strips.

I returned to Walmart today with my receipt in hand and the UNOPENED box of
strips.  Walmart will not let me return them...they have a computerized block
on the registers.  I explained to them the situation and no luck.  The girl
at the desk then opened the box!  I stated to her that she just opened the
box and now I could not return them.  (Duh,) I requested to speak with the
store manager.  After being told he was not available, I said I would stand
at the counter and wait for him to have a free moment.  Two minutes later he
showed up.  He refused to accept the return because the box had been opened!
I explained to him that the she-devil had opened it.  He said "I have no way
of knowing that for certain."  He went on to say that the strips dealt with
blood products and therefore he could not accept them for return.  I again
explained that (1) I was told that they could be returned, (2) there are NO
signs in the pharmacy stating that they could not be returned, and (3) that I
had not been the one that opened them (the dimwit behind the desk had.)

I got nowhere.  I used a few choice words and instead of purchasing my new
food processor there, I went down the street to Target.  I will no longer
shop at Walmart because of this.  I have learned my lesson!

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Cleveland, Ohio
IDDM X 18 years, Pumping since 1/4/1995.
Remember...Diabetics are naturally sweet!
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