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[IP] Pumping Regular (my last hope) - Pros and Cons

John said:

<SNIP> I firmly believe this is "sub-optimal" as Regular
negates many of the benefits of pumping Humalog, such as flexibility and
lifestyle, etc. <SNIP>

I would only like to point out that, for us "old timers", there was no such
thing as Humalog when we started pumping (18+ years ago for me).  Even
though "all" we had for pumping was regular insulin (and, I might add, a
single basal profile with no more than 4 rate changes), there was still an
incredible amount of freedom that was offered by making the change.  Yes,
you will need to allow more time to garner a response - no "instant
gratification" - but when you consider going back to MDI I  really don't
think there's much to think about.  I personally don't think that the need
to use Velosulin is a strong enough reason to give up pumping.  When I
started pumping, my A1c was nearly 15%, and 5 months after I started it was
less than 6 (ok, I was pregnant at the time which accounts in large measure
to the rapid drop in my level, but remember we didn't know nearly as much
about pump therapy at that time).

Not wanting to seem like I'm attacking John, but I think that using regular
insulin to utilize the pump and avoid allergic rxns is far more favorable
than returning to injections.  Just my opinion!

Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, Pumping 12/82
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