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Re: [IP] Pity?

Sometimes, in our grief as human beings, our way of words can sound
different than what we mean them to be.

Perhaps this person was very dear to BW and they were trying to tell us,
with their heavy heart, to be thankfull for our lives and what we DO have.

It has been said that people with diabetes do feel more depression and the
"why me's?" can strike at anytime.

Either it's the condition, or fights with "bean counters" at the insurance
co.s who tell US what we should live with, or dealings with unsympathetic or
apathetic relatives; but -like it or not- we do get 'down', we get
overwhelmed and yes, will throw an occasional 'pity party'.

It is this list where many folk can find an empathetic ear and heart that
really 'hears' where we are coming from as you mentioned.

It should indeed be told too, that many of us are optimists, and do not
constantly stay in the 'pity me' stage, but we should never be ashamed of
the times it can get to be too much.

Jenny Sutherland
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From: "Andrea Seitz"
Subject: [IP] Pity

> I am terribly sorry about the death of your friend.
> But I don't understand your statement that
> "diabetics... really enjoy a good pity party."
> Andrea Seitz
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