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[IP] duration of low after exercise

Kathy wrote:
>Does anyone have experience with going low MANY hours after exercise?  My 
>10 year old son doesn't go low right after a workout, but can be low the 
>next day.  Is this possible?

IMEIAG (if my experience is any guide), you bet it's possible.

FOA, I don't think of it in terms of "going low". I think of it in terms of 
"insulin requirement". I contracted diabetes when I was 20. For many years 
thereafter, exercise would dramatically lower my *insulin requirement* for 
about 24 hours. If I didn't lower the insulin I was taking, I'd have a 
continuous reaction. I was taking NPH & regular at that time, and if I 
jogged after coming home from work, I remember reducing my dinner shot 4 
units, from 12 units to 8. I'd also reduce the nighttime NPH and the 
breakfast and lunch shots the next day, but by somewhat lesser amounts.

Over the years, that's changed. I still jog, but the effect has diminished. 
After I jog 3 miles, I now need to reduce my dinner shot by 2 units, from 
10 to 8. There's no effect these days on my later insulin requirement.

One thing that surprised me was that the effects didn't exactly wear off 
gradually. One day I'd simply wake up with a different persistent effect.

One neat thing about diabetes is that it gives countless opportunities for 
experimentation. If you find that your son's bg's are stable while being 
administered less insulin the day following exercise, then you've learned 
something ... until it inevitably changes sometime later.


regards, Andy
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