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> you know all this crap with this Ultra machine....... well, i had a
> BAD low the other night and had to overtreat because well....it
> didnt seem like it would ever go away and i was in the mall.......
> anyway, when i came home, i lay down for about an hour and woke up
> to test..... it said 467 and i almost fainted....LOL  of course it
> was with the Ultra machine...... so i test again and it says
> 233!!!!!!!  now come on!!!!  what the heck!!!!! anyway, i call Life


Many of the newer meters that use a very small blood sample are ultra 
sensitive to not having an adequate size sample. Our experience has 
been that if the sample is not adequate you get an erroneous reading 
and no warning that this is the case. With proper application of the 
sample (very subjective), this problem does not occur. Maybe you can 
"train yourself" to do it the acceptable way. I'm not being critical, 
we gave up using this type of meter for just those reasons and 
returned to the old fashioned but seemingly reliable One Touch. This 
is just my individual observation and not a reflection on various 
meters. It is also my impression that with proper blood application 
that these meters will work every time, just haven't figured out how 
to do that consistently.

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