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Re: [IP] Pumping Regular (my last hope) - Pros and Cons

>1  slow action of R:
>-       less lifestyle flexibility, defeating a primary purpose
>         of the pump

Actually remember that Humalog is Very new in the world of pumping when I 
first got on the pump I was on Regular like allot of the members on the 
list.  The freedom does not really come from getting away from R its 
getting away from NPH and the other long acting insulins.

>-       less able to alter basal rate on the fly to allow
>         impulsive activity or inactivity
>2  using 2 delivery systems if Humalog is delivered by pen
>     (possible option, but awkward and "sub-optimal")

I would only use the 2 delivery system method if I am high and don't know 
why.  I still take a shot if I am not sure why I spiked a high BG. better 
to get the BG down with a shot rather than wondering if I sprung a leak 
with the pump.

the Pros still far out weight the cons but I don't really view what you 
have down as cons since I started before the H insulin period.

Brian Carter
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