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Re: [IP] 1 week of pumping!!


  If you have only been on the pump for a week then you are definately in 
need of doing some fasting BGs to figure out your basal rates.  Obviously 
your current day time ones are way too high.  Have you read the book, PUMPING 
INSULIN by John Walsh?  This is a MUST READ for all interested in pumping.  
It explains in there in very plain English about all aspects of pumping 
including getting started and basal/bolus rate adjustements.  PLEASE read 
this book and do the fasting BGs and get your basal rates adjusted.  You 
should not drop more than 30 points at any given time during fasting.  Basal 
rates are usually the hardest to get adjusted but once you do it is GREAT!!

mom to Joshua
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