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[IP] 1 week of pumping!!

HI all pumpers and pumper loved ones!
 Just to let ya'll (I am from TN sorry about the
ya;ll!) know I have been pumping for 1 week and 1 day
and I have been very happy, thus far! I have had some
problmes the first night my eyes hurt very bad, so bad
I went to see my eye dr the very next morning. Did
anyone else have this problem? Also this moring my
resivior on my MM 508 was empty so I decied to go
ahead and take it off and take a quick tube-free
shower, and when I got out and finally got it changed
out my blood sugar had risen to 252, in all about 45
min? is this normal?? then I ate and went to work , I
went for 8 hrs without eating, I just got busy and
then I went to 47!! Oh my! Frustrating!! I am 20 and I
just want sometimes to live normal, but i know many of
you feel this way! I have had a great week till
today!! sorry I need to vent! I just want to thank all
of you who have joined in on many of this
conversations I have learned so much by reading this!!
 Oh one more question does anyone know where I can get
the cord that run from my meter the Glucometer Elite
to my computer and does this take any special software
and where do i get it? If you have this meter and do
download it please email me and let me know!
oh yeah and for those who are fighting insurance
companies just keep fighting, I did too! Just remeber
to be persistant, and this is for YOUR LIFE not theirs
they can say no and not think about it anymore, but
you can;t SO FIGHT! GOOD LUCK!!!
Thanks again, it helps us newcomers!
dx- Nov 4, 1999
pumping since Feb 19, 200

- Just remember ....
	"It is not how far you walk, but it is how deep the 
	foot prints you left behind!"

				( ; WINK			Always Yours,

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