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  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!  First of all you DEFINATELY need to rethink your 
endo.  If this guy has been the one treating you for very long (and I use 
that word, treating very loosely here) then it sounds like you need to get 
away from him.  First of all there is NOTHING that needs to be proven for 
going on the pump.  The pump is the newest and so far the best way to control 
diabetes.  That is all.  These doctors do NOT know it all and it is up to the 
patients to remind them of that and to remind them that we, the patients, are 
paying their paychecks!!!!  Plain and simple!!!  We PAY them to provide a 
service.  If they are not willing or able to provide the service required 
then you need to find someone who can/will!!!  The time has ended where MD's 
are considered GODS and thought of as having all of the answers.  And those 
kinds of doctors are becoming dangerous to be around anymore!

  So...what you need to do is first of all take a deep breath, fix yourself a 
hot cup of tea, preferably with some chocolate-raspberry creamer in it like 
mine...MMMM so good and soothing...and then get out the yellow pages or ask 
other DMers in your area for references for a new endo and start researching. 
 Then you just start seeing yourself with your new pump because that is where 
you are heading!!!  But do get away from that guy.  He has outlived his 
usefulness to you and probably most other DMers too!!!   

   And Elizabeth....you are NOT alone.  And if you want to talk about 
depression write to me off-line.  I feel like an EXPERT in that area!!   
email @ redacted

mom to Joshua
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