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Ok, today is Tuesday, the day after I went to the Endo (a.k.a...he who's 
supposed to know it all) I told him that I started vometing on Friday 
afternoon, checked the sugar, it wasn't abnormally high...130 or so, but that 
ALL weekend I've been getting sick. He looks at me, cocks his head sideways 
and says, "Hmmm, I just don't know"....WHAT THE HELL DOES HE MEAN HE DOESN'T 
KNOW?? He's supposed to know! So, I think to myself, I'll feel better later 
on, no problem. Not true, I STILL feel sick now! Then I find out from his 
office that they're NOT sending my paperwork out YET to get my pump... 
something about they need more proof that I should be on the pump. WHAT? Ok, 
how's this for proof??  I'm 30 years old, been diabetic for almost 20 years, 
I have neuropathy, retinopathy, kidney damage, an ulcer on my toe that WON'T 
heal, high blood pressure, my last a1c was over 11, I have depression, 
anxiety attacks, insomnia and I'm ALWAYS exhausted....what the hell else do 
they need? Oh yeah, to top it off, I needed him to refill a prescription for 
me of Elavil, I take it to help me sleep, and when I got to the drug store, 
they said that there's a problem with filling it because I also take Ultram, 
for pain, and those two drugs together cause seizures!!!! CAN'T I CATCH A 
BREAK ANYWHERE? I feel like everywhere I turn the sky's falling all around 
me. I have NO ONE to talk to about this because NO ONE in my life 
understands, I know they all seem like they care and that they're listening 
and that they're sympathetic to me but as hard as they try, they'll NEVER 
know what I'm going through. I keep thinking of what Gina said about wanting 
God to take all this away or take me away from it... I can't tell you how 
many tears I've cried over all this. I'm just plain tired. I give up. The 
only problem is that I have a little girl that needs me, but I just don't 
feel like I have the energy to fight it any more. My husband tells me I'm the 
strongest person he knows, funny, I don't feel that way. Not even close! What 
do you do when you feel like this? How do you go on? I REALLY hope someone 
else knows what I'm saying. I hate feeling alone.
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