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[IP] gallbladder surgery the no pump no laproscope way

i had my gb out in n nov 99. i had no pump and my doc was a real surgical
mentality. after surger i was on the usual 5 dextrose drip with coverage
every 4 hours. The nurses became alarmed when th finger stick glucoses they
were doing came back hi and it wasn't a greeting. the first mrs spot was
there and the nurse asked her about my d she told them it never did this.
they called the surgeon who said give him a couple units of regular. when
the nurse asked for clearer orders telling him i cant send that to pharmacy
he yelled at her and told her to ask me. i told her to substitute saline
without glucose and get a lab drawn sugar be glad you have a pump and be
sure your endo is consulting on your case. when asked about turning the
pump off, tell them no. ps i have a 12 inch scar under my ribs no
laproscope. spot
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