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Re: [IP] site problems


  It sounds like you have a terrible reaction to the adhesive of the set.  
I'm sure others have already written to you with suggestions.  You know how 
in the sets you get two different types of patches.  My suggestion is that 
after you use the site prep that you put down the IV3000 patch on your site 
area.  That is the one with the orange writing all over it.  Anyway you can 
then insert the site through the hole and then use the bumpy patch over the 
set.  See if that works.  Others have also said that they use this stuff 
called BARD which is apparently some sort of protective stuff for just this 
sort of thing.  I'm sure you will be told about this.

  My son Josh uses the sof-set micros and after each removal I clean off the 
old adhesive and then rub antibiotic oinment over the entire area.  After 
just 24 hours there is barely a visible mark.  He no longer has all of those 
nasty spots all over his body!  And absolutely NO redness after a few hours!

mom to Joshua
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