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[IP] Latest A1C (after 6 months pumping!)

Ok everyone, here it is.  My 5 year old had his 2nd A1C since pumping and I am
a believer now! (I needed to see a 2nd one to know if it was working! LOL )

 His first A1C was done at 2 months pumping and it had dropped back then from
8.4 to 7.5.

Today we went and it was 7.4!  In a year and half we have dropped from an A1C
of 9.9 to 7.4!  I am very pleased and I feel that 7's are as low as I would
like him to go at his age.  We are getting good numbers and I am getting a
good grasp on things.

Only thing is that he needs to gain some weight. He had not gained since
Novmber so I need to up his carbs! No problem as he is always hungry and ready
to eat! I found that for this first while I was paranoid of such large
bolusing! I have heard of others thinking twice about covering large amounts
of carbs...I am feeling better now that I see we were on the right track!  He
had a big piece of banana Cream pie to celebrate!

Take care,
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