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[IP] RE: the skinny on the *NEW* MiniMedquick-set, serter, silhouette and inserter

First: silhouette = tender = comfort. they're the same exact thing
someone on a previous email was wondering about that.

now from the description alone, *I* think
MiniMed QuickSet = Disetronic UltraFlex
as far as I know Minimed is the only one that has an inserter for this set

I spoke with a rep today.
1. she's sending a couple of samples 9mm and 6mm
2. not sending the inserter with sample, but will be included with an order
3. asked about silhouette inserter and yes it exists but it's pending
further approval

as far as I know Disetronic still has not released an infusion set
equivalent to MiniMed's Soft-Set QuickRelease or their inserter.

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 12:15:28 EST

it is not a sil.... it is just like a sof-set EXCEPT it disconnects at the
site like a sil so that there is no tubing hanging like on the sof-set.....
it does go in at a 90-degree angel with the quick-serter just like the
sof-set........ so basically it is the same thing but without the tubing
hangs when you disconnect..... it disconnects at the site!
it is not for sale yet, but they are sending out samples to their customers
so just call the order supplies number and ask for some........ the number
again, it's called the quick set and quick-serter.........
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