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Re: [IP] Re: pump educators

At 06:27 PM 2/26/01, you wrote:
>What you say is true for Disetronic but for MM and Animas you do
>have to be a CDE (or at least in the medical field.) That is what
>they told me, anyway (in Dec.) They did say, however, that things
>could change so if you call they will put your name on a list.
>Brian said:
>Actually no you don't have to have to be a CDE to be a pump
>trainer. In
>fact you don't have to be in the medical field either.  That is
>if thats
>what the discussion was about.

I know you don't have to have a CDE for MM either.  I am going for my Pump 
Trainer for MM also.  and the area rep is also a trainer and not in the 
medical feild I do believe he has a degree in  business.

Can our Reps on the list clarify this for us?

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