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Re: [IP] organizer case for everyday use

Visit www.medicool.com for some cool packs to carry all of your supplies.
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From: Handsfield, James H. <email @ redacted>
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Date: Monday, February 26, 2001 7:13 AM
Subject: RE: [IP] organizer case for everyday use

>Marilyn Wolovick [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:
>> But most
>> sites don't have enough info re: size and ice packs etc.  Its very
>> frustrating.  Can someone please recommend where I might find a good
>> one.  I'd like it to be able to carry an insulin bottle (in
>> case my pump
>> stops working or my site comes out), my blood testing equipment, my
>> record book and pen,  and some extra pump supplies when I'm away from
>> home.  Any help would be appreciated so much.
>First, a comment - if the pump gives out, you still have insulin with you .
>. . in the reservoir.  You may not need to carry a separate bottle of
>But . . . I just went to REI (Recreational Equipment Inc., a co-op based in
>Seattle) and got one of their compartmentalized fanny packs - bigger,
>stronger, and less expensive (I think I paid $12 of one that's about 10 x 6
>inches, and it expands to about three inches if I really fill it.  It has
>another feature I like: the straps can be tucked into a compartment so that
>it more easily fits into my briefcase, or I can wear it around my waist.
>You can see it at
>=8000 (the price listed there is $16.00).
>Jim Handsfield
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