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  My son is on the Dis H-Tron, and you are right the button on his pump, I 
found, are a lot easier to operate, with fewer things to deal with.  But 
anyway, we are currently using the MM sof-sets with the serter and I just 
orered some FREE samples of the new Quick set but you are also right.  They 
will not send out a free serter until you order a full supply of the new 
sets.  That's ok.  I'm curious.

  Also, Dis does have their new  set (sorry I can never remember the name), 
which is similar to the sof-set but at this time Dis is not planning on 
having any insertion device.  I told them, when I talked to R&D that because 
of that insertion device we will most likely say with the MM products.  Makes 
a HUGE difference for some people, especially children!!!  The guy was a bit 
'panocky' when I told him this and said he was going to order a serter and 
then talk about it at their upcoming quarterly meeting.  Yea right!!!!???  
Anyway, I gave them something to think about.  Most of their money comes from 
the continuous supplies so it would be worth it!

mom to Joshua
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