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Re: [IP] None for me

>i could get one sample to look at- i would have to pay 49.95 for the
>inserter. i never get a break- oh well ...
>does Disetronic have a release infusion set up? i have an aggressive type of
>rheumatoid arthritis and and have restricted finger wrist hand use.

When I called, they offered to send a free sample set also (that's
right, just one. hope Shane doesn't have a crimped cannula or anything
from it or he won't have much of a "trial"), but not the inserter. As
someone else pointed out, these sound a lot like the Disetronic
"ultraflex" sets (probably the same thing in different packaging). I
talked to D last week and they said the ultraflex was going to be
available for kids starting March 1, and everyone else a few weeks
later. Maybe if you explained your special circumstances they would be
willing to get you some sets on the March 1 release. (of course MM said
it could be 2-3 weeks before we received the sample because they are
still waiting for the instruction pamphlets to arrive, so by the time we
get it, it will probably be about the time that D has the ultraflex
ready to go...)

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