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Re: [IP] Altace

> We do have a ton of heart disease in my family, but again, I've never had
> any problems.  Should I be worried?  Does anyone else use Altace or any
> other Ace Inhibitor without having high blood pressure?  She says that she

       I use currently use Altace for preventative measures!  I have 
orthostatic hypotension (low blood pressure that drops even lower when I 
stand up), however my endo had put me on Altace to help protect my kidneys.  
I have had no side effects from this medication.  I had previously taken 
prinivil, and  I experienced some negative side effects; I felt like I was 
going to pass out all of the time.  It got very severe, and I ended up going 
to the hospital several times, with a racing heart beat and the extreme fear 
that I was going to faint.  I have not experienced anything close to these 
feelings since starting the Altace.  

diabetic for 27 years, pumping for 6 years
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