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[IP] Carbs & GF Diet

In a message dated 2/26/2001 11:19:58 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  I
>  do wonder if the gluten free diet makes a difference in how the carbs are
>  processed because the flours are less complex.  When I bake I try to use
>  rice bran and garbanzo bean flour mixed with the others to make the muffins
>  or cookies a little more "complex." 

I was wondering if you carb count based on the usual exchange/estimate 
amounts given for wheat based products (esp. baked goods) or if you use 
actual carb counts based on the Gluten Free recipe . . . I've found that 
gluten free baked goods are usually much more carb dense than wheatbased ones 
(i.e. slice of bread 22-30 g of carbs instead of 14-20) . . . If you have 
been using the wheat based estimates, this could be impacting your BG numbers

Just a thought . . .

Lyndy Latta
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