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Re: [IP] Re: pump educator?

You can not be a CDE with a Dietetic Technician degree.  A DT degree is a 2
year degree.  DT's are then eligible to sit for the Dietetic Technician
registration examination.  In my opionion, they are 'wannabe Dietitians.' And
not allowed to do teaching.  ANd if NH had Dietitian Licensing/Certification,
then you would not be permitted to perform any of the duties that a Dietitian
does...assessment, teaching, etc.

Whoever told you that you could be a CDE with this degree was WRONG!  You
must be an MD, RN, RD or RPh.  No 'junion' degrees are permitted.  No
LPNs...youmust be a full RN.  No Pharmacy Technicians...only a full
pharmacist.  Physician Assistants are permitted.  Physical Therapists used to
be permitted to sit for the exam, but I believe that reg is changing.

And then after you are a professional, you must do so many hours of education
before you can even sit to take the CDE exam.

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Cleveland, Ohio
IDDM X 18 years, Pumping since 1/4/1995.
Remember...Diabetics are naturally sweet!
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In a message dated 2/26/2001 02:25:34 AM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

>   Dietetic Technician Degree?  Is that a 2 or 4 year degree.  Most
> 'technician' degrees I've heard of you can get at a local junior college?
> Is
> this your case?  Byt the way I have a BS in Psychology which does NOT apply
> towards CDE so not ALL medical type degrees are acceptable.  I'm learning
> to
> live with it!  Plus, Kerri was talking about becoming a pump trainer not a
> CDE!!
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua
>        I'm sorry if you misinterperated the letter but i said medical
> fields
> that are related to diabetes!
>        I am enrolling in the two year program at the university of New
> Hampshire and yes as os graduation they  have all the student sit for the
> exam to be certified by the American Dietetic Association!  After that i
> can
> go for the CDE.
>        I was also trying to let people know disetronic pump trainers ARe
> also
> CDE's.  Someone said they were not.  I have been trying to get in as a
> trainer with them and dave told me they have to be CDE's first!   (Dave is
> my
> territory Mangager for Disetronic)
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