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[IP] Re: GRRRR.. mean comments

> Subject: [IP] GRRRR.. mean comments
Sherry C. wrote:
> ....But he asked me how the pregnancy was going.  I said, "Oh fine.  Just
little tired lately" or something like that.  Well he said, "Well, I know
were supposed to wait until you had your numbers better first, but I guess
were just too stubborn and wouldn't listen." >

>>Jan H. wrote:
First of all, you ARE married and have every right to use God's wedding
;-) Second, does HE always keep his pants zipped????? HE doesn't have to
the consequences. Accidents do happen, of which I am one and so are both of
kids and 3 of my 4 grandkids. The list is endless. (~_^)<<

And my daughter was also not planned.  And my pregnancy was in the days
before glucose meters and A1c's and we had no clue what "our numbers were".
Most of us had healthy children and survived the whole experience.  Don't
worry about it Sherry.  Pregnant ladies always feel a bit tired.

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