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I'm so glad this came up - I was just thinking this morning about the daily
struggle of diabetes.  Most days I don't think about it - I just go forward,
this is my life, this is who I am, this is what I do.  But last week I saw my
doctor and even though my A1c was 6.1 and it was a relatively good visit there
still is zoloft for depression, accupril for blood pressure, a cut on my foot
that won't heal.  Then that afternoon, a blood sugar of 520, a break in my
line that went without my noticing it for a good 3-4 hours.  And I just get so
damned overwhelmed.  I know that self-pity is dangerous and does not help
things overall.  I know that life could be so much worse and that I am lucky
beyond belief that medicine has achieved so much for me.  But, some days I
just want to walk up to every healthy person I see and assess a "Wellness Tax"
of $1.00 a piece.  If they have a cold or a headache or something, $.50.  Is
it not enough to have to deal with everything that we do without having to go
broke doing it?  It means so much to be able to talk to someone - lots of
someones - about this who know what I'm talking about.  I'm sorry I rambled
this way - I just needed to clear my heart this morning and I couldn't have
done it without you all!
Have a good day and let's look into some legislation on this "Wellness Tax"


>>> "sue depinto" <email @ redacted> 02/25/01 03:27PM >>>
>From: linda leach <email @ redacted>

>Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 09:07:13 -0800 (PST)
>--- email @ redacted wrote:
> > god i cant stand this no more!!!!!!  > ALL I WANT IS TO BE NORMAL AND
> > Sad & FRUSTRATED today,
> > xoxo
> > gina

>I am where you are right now. I do everything by the
>book & it doesn't work. I get so tired of
>sticking finger & always out of range. It;s hard for
>my husband to understand my depression. It takes so
>much effort and I'm just so tired. Know this isn't
>real uplifting, but wanted you to know you are
>definitely not alone. Hang in!! Linda

Gina and Linda and everyone,

We are ALL in the same boat. And that's why we joined this wonderful list
and stick with it. We are all here for each other and we all need each
other. And I think we all have our days of frustration and hopelessness! But
we still have each other and thank goodness we have this list.
And, in saying that, let's remember that this list and Michael need our
help. I have made my contribution. How about the rest of you? Let's all try
to do our part to keep this list going! I'm really not sure that I could
keep going without it. I KNOW that it has kept me going on the pump for the
last 10 1/2 months! And it has been hard work, but I did it and am learning
to appreciate it more and more, but I would be very lost without this list.


email @ redacted

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