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Re: [IP] 5wks pumping

email @ redacted wrote:
> Cory's been pumping for 5 weeks now.  He had his first endo visit and his A1c
> was 6.7!  He's had some that low and lower in the past but those were always
> averages of 40 - 400+.  This time his b/g has been staying in the 100 - 150
> range most of the time.  We are very pleased about this, but the endo wants
> it a little lower. 

Wow, that's fantastic!!!!  :)  :)  :)

When you quote 100 - 150, are you talking ALL BGs or only fasting ones?
If it's all BGs, then don't change a thing -- that's as close to normal
as you're gonna get. If it's fasting only, then you need to monitor PP
BGs, usually 2 hours after a meal. If he's staying below 200 most of the
time, that's ultra-super too, and means you're doing a great job. If
he's going into the 300's and 400's, then you know you need to tinker
with the boluses. You also might need to do some night-time checks.

And if you check and KNOW that everything's going right, then Cory is
one of those folks who simply have high A1cs (just like I have a low
A1c) and can evaluate his A1c accordingly. Endos are entirely unaware
that the A1c isn't consistent across the spectrum.

But meanwhile, enjoy those soft clouds you must be walking on! 
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