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Re: [IP] Hba1c...4-6 weeks?

Heidi Vogan wrote:
> --- Donna Gardner <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > about the Hba1c only covering a four to six week period.

>  I sure hope this doesn't mean they'll suggest getting
> an a1c every 6 weeks,its nervewracking enough getting
> it every twelve.

No, I don't think it would automatically mean that you'd have to get one
every six weeks. Even the A1c is merely a spot check and assumes a lot
(not necessarily true) about your control. It doesn't give full
information and MUST be supplemented with your testing records and YOUR
knowledge about how you're doing! 

Some people have extremely stable A1c's and might get checked only every
6 months, while others are extremely labile and might need to get them
more often. It really depends on how you're doing.

The A1c is a tool, just like any other tool -- you use it if it gets the
job done, and as needed. 

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