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Re: [IP] Re: pump educator?

I'm the one who said that about Disetronic pump trainers not
needing to be CDE's, as that is what I was told in December. They
may have changed it since then. Who knows. I made it very clear
up front when I contacted Disetronic that I was just a mom with a
year (at the time) of pump experience with the HTRON who wanted
to train others, and they allowed me to take the training. I know
the person who does the trainings in the area right now IS a CDE
AND a certified pump trainer and there is not a high need for
trainers around here because it is not a large area. So I will
likely never get used. But I still found the training very
valuable (I love to learn new things.)   

As for the 2yr program you are taking, I thought you had to have
a 4yr degree to get a CDE? Everything I've seen (there are 2
different websites and I have a booklet) has said that (maybe not
in so many words, but all things they mentioned were 4yr
degrees.) I know an RD/registered dietitian can get a CDE but I
don't remember seeing anything about a Dietetic Technician being
able to get one. If that is the case, maybe I do have a shot at
being a CDE because I would like to go that route when I pursue
it at some point in the future. Could you give me more info on
that? I'd appreciate it! :)  

Amie said:
       I'm sorry if you misinterperated the letter but i said
medical fields 
that are related to diabetes!
       I am enrolling in the two year program at the university
of New 
Hampshire and yes as os graduation they  have all the student sit
for the 
exam to be certified by the American Dietetic Association!  After
that i can 
go for the CDE.
       I was also trying to let people know disetronic pump
trainers ARe also 
CDE's.  Someone said they were not.  I have been trying to get in
as a 
trainer with them and dave told me they have to be CDE's first!  
(Dave is my 
territory Mangager for Disetronic)


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