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[IP] Medical coverage and marriage

To my dear family,
At least, to all of you pumpers out there who share the love I do for the
pump. I wonder what you would advise on something like this:
I am in college at the moment, and about to get married. I know many of you
would advise tme to wait until I am out of colleg, but I am certain many
more of you understand the heat of a youth in love.
I am in college, and I am going overseas, to a country called Denmark to get
married. My fiancee is a Danish citizen - and he wants to move here to the
US. I'm taking a semester off to help him move and take a job. My problem
though, lies in the fact that I, as are all of us, am dependant on diabetic
supplies for day-to-day life.
Denmark is not a backwards country - there are some pumpers there, and
plenty of diabetics, though the ratio of pumpers-to-injectors is vastly
different than here because the health system is government-owned and run. I
am in contact with the Danish health beauro on the issue of health coverage
while I'm there and newly wed. (And no, I don't get Danish coverage unless I
apply to be a Danish Citizen). Still working on that issue.
What I would like to ask of you, is if you know a good pay-per-month health
plan which my future husband and I can sign up with, once we return to the
states? As a newly wed couple, we won't have coverage from my family - and
he'll have coverage from the danish social system even overseas, but I must
be covered and plan in advance. I know that good plans are out there. What
are your experiences with health plans, and what would you reccomend/not
reccomend? What hints can you give? Has anyone gone through a similar
experience as/with a diabetic?

-Jeanette Merrell (email @ redacted
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