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Re: [IP] People +pumps

This people's weird reactions is one of the reasons why I'm sort of glad that 
my son Joshua, who is nine and dxd at 5.5 is getting started early.  So far 
he is the only DMer in his school and the only pumper in his whole district.  
This friday Josh is participating in his school's science fair for the first 
time.  He and I got to talking in January and decided that he would do 
something about diabetes.  So we settled on answering the question:  How Do 
Diabetics Get Their Insulin?  So far the materials we have put together (and 
I use that 'we' word VERY loosely here!!!) have been fantastic.  And we 
decided to go with Josh's own personal story of diagnosis to pump for his 
research paper part of the project.  All of Josh's friends are very 
non-plussed about Josh's DM.  They see him doing all of the 'normal' things 
they do, and since the pump he has been able to eat most of the same things 
they do, just in moderation.  It is so neat when one of his friends, knowing 
that he has DM will actually substitute a low sugar or 'sugar free' product 
knowing that it is easier for Josh.  And we just look upon it as this child 
and his parents realizing it is OK and they are willing to make the 
adjustments.  Anyway, if this is the reason that God placed this 'gift' on my 
son then it must be for the purpose of teaching others, and catching them 
while they are still young enough to learn!!

  Wish us luck for friday.  I'm kind of nervous but I know Josh is VERY 
familiar with his subject and will do well!!

mom to Joshua
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