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Re: [IP] Meters

(Sent on behalf of Gail Serino <email @ redacted>)

Hi All!

In reguard to the meters let me share. I was using the accucheck
complete and liked it because my endo's office could download and that helped
to see the trends. I was given a precision extra from one of the reps so I
thought I would try it. Well, I really like it a lot! I have found it to be
quicker 20 seconds instead of the minute, and most importantly it checks for
ketones in the blood! Now that may not seem like much, however I am able to
really know if I am in trouble or not. Let me explain, I was very sick last
month, I could not keep anything down had vomited and loose stools, and my
belly was grumbling. Well as a diabetic, I of course started testing and
testing and testing, had really thought of needing to go to the hospital for
an IV if needed. Well I was able to keep my basal rate decreased it for
awhile when I was bottoming out, and titrated my boluses according to my blood
sugars. I called my doctor to let him know what was happening. He said I may
need to come in because I am a diabetic. Well since I could test my ketones
in my blood I knew I was doing okay, so I was able to stay home, even though I
couldn't really eat anything. The next day I was okay and able to eat my usual
oatmeal with milk for breakfast and keep it down! I was so extremely grateful
for my pump, and the precision extra! They really saved me from a trip to the
hospital which they probably would have taken off the pump, and I would have
taken longer to get better!

I would think that if I had a child with diabetes who wasn't doing well
or running a temp I could check their blood ketones without making them get up
to pee, and I would feel more confident in my next move. Also on the accucheck
I had to get frustrated by the fact that if you do frequent tests the backup
light goes out and you can barely see the numbers, it goes back on if you take
the batteries out and replace them. On the precision you do need to be careful
that you don't mix your strips from one box to another, it actually counts the
strips and will not test if you use a strip from another box even with the
same code! I had to let the rep know that one! As a nurse I have trained many
people on many meters and I really think its so individual that you need to
find the one that fits you. Sorry this was long, but needed to say it. Take
care all, and happy pumping! And I still wish there was a cure , but until
then we will keep pumping! Love to all, keep the faith we will all get there
together someday,

Gail Serino
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