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Re: [IP] Re:IP fever,chills and such

>Darrin Parker asks:
>SNIP ~~~ Is it a dry cough?  If so it sounds like the flu bug I had as well.
>week sick and three weeks getting better and gaining back the weight.
>If this is the case, don't panic.  Just test often -like once every two
>hors and  correct as necessary.  My experience was that the need for
>increased basals grew slowly over the first few days nad during the three
>worst days; I needed 180% of the normal rate.  Also the carb ratio
>increased from 1:10 to 1:5. ~~ end of snip
>No Darrin it is a loose rattely cough, cheeks are puffy and he has a low
>grade fever - 100.4.  His tummy hurts and he is slightly nauseated. He did
>get a flu shot last fall too.  Cory has allergies and mild asthma.  He tends
>to get a lot of sinus infections also.  I just hope this clears up soon and
>no complications come from it.  I can just see his chronic sinuitis,
>broncitis and middle ear infections gearing up!  He never responds too well
>to antibiotics either.  He used to be on a lot fo steroid inhalers and
>steriod nasal sprays.  We are really trying to avoid the use of those.  But
>if he isn't improving by tomorrow - off to the doc we go.  Thus far the blood
>sugars are decent. He jumps up to 200 once in awhile but a correction brings
>him back in line quickly.  The pump is great because we don't have to "wait"
>to see what the NPH is going to do.  Also, he doesn't have to eat more than
>he feels like eating.  We can just adjust the insulin to the meal.
>Here's hoping.....
>Susan S.


Steriods raise the need foro insulin so if these increase, his insulin
needs probably will as well.  As for infections, these are not viral and
IMHE antibiotics early prevent drastically incresed needs for insulin as
follow woith bacteria infections.

Beware:  the flu shot only vacinates against the *known* strains as of last
year!  Each year there are new mutated flu bugs which we have no protection

Good luck!

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
Pumping for 3 months thanks to the support of wonderful internet friends!
In 5 days on the pump I obtained better control than I had done in 27 years
of MDI!  (To date:  51% improvement in average bg's and 70% fewer hypos)!
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