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[IP] organizer case for everyday use

Hello Everyone, My old Medport organizer case just died.  Its something
I use everyday.  The zipper finally gave out due to how many supplies I
need to keep it stuffed with and how often I open and close it in a
day!  It's 6.75"x5.5"x2.5".  Obviously, NOT BIG ENUF! I've just spent
about two hours searching the internet for a replacement case.  But most
sites don't have enough info re: size and ice packs etc.  Its very
frustrating.  Can someone please recommend where I might find a good
one.  I'd like it to be able to carry an insulin bottle (in case my pump
stops working or my site comes out), my blood testing equipment, my
record book and pen,  and some extra pump supplies when I'm away from
home.  Any help would be appreciated so much.  This shopping by www can
be very frustrating!  Thanks so much!  email @ redacted
PS:  I've been pumping for a year and a half and things are going quite 
well.  I've appreciated all your help when I was just starting out.  Its
amazing how simple pumping becomes after you've crested the steep
learning curve. You are an awesome group of pumpers!  Thx again. 
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