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[IP] Thanks

   I just wanted to thank  everyone for the responses. I should explain that 
my daughter has had some emotional setbacks in the past  3 weeks.  Her fiance 
cancelled the wedding due to her diabetes, stating  that he could not handle  
her going into insulin shock, so he claims! She works for TWA, and there has  
been stress  about job security. Right now she is an exposed nerve, so her 
Endo thought it would be wise to lead her through the initial process, which 
included help with the insertion. She is very thin and her stomach muscles 
are quite scarred from injections, so they are going to try  another option. 
I am sure that once her self esteem returns, the procedure will be no problem 
at all.     Tricia

What a mean thing to do, it wont make her feel better now but he was
probably no good to start with, would have been a lousy husband and worse
father. so mean and cutting, inconsiderate and hurtful, just what a young
woman doesn't need as a mother ypu know exactly what i am saying. consider
temporary professional help, to get over this, you should excuse the
expression prick! from dealing with her diabetes she is already stronger
than the general population out there. spot
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