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[IP] Re: 5wks pumping

From: Michael Robinton <email @ redacted>  WROTE:
>As he becomes and adolescent, the a1C target 
>will become much more difficult to achieve and a target under 8 may be 
>more acceptable until he is an older teen. Hormones and tight bg's don't 
g>o well together.

Michael, Cory has always had low a1c's --range of 5.5 to 8.2 BUT the 
difference now is that most of his readings are very stable.  The bulk of 
them are in the 100 - 150 range.  Pre pump he bounced everywhere continously. 
 Cory feels sick when his b/s begins to climb above 200 - 240.  He develops 
ketones if that number isn't lowered quickly.  Then he feels the effects of 
lows when he is hypoglycemic -- usually anything below 70, but sometimes 
anything below 100.  He is already beginning puberty so we are learning about 
those little boy hormones already -- eeeek!  I realize it is going to be 
difficult to control the b/s but thankfully Cory wants to have good control.  
He is very cooperative.  If his body doesn't cooperate, then that will just 
be the way it is,  and I appreciate your wanring.  Perhaps this will help us 
ward off some of the disappointment if the numbers don't fall in line.  
Susan S.
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