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[IP] Altace

Hi all. I've got a concern. I was at the doctors a couple of days ago and
had a blood pressure read of 128/90.  My endo was a little worried, so she
put me on Altace.  She says it will help prevent kidney damage and help with
the pressure.

My concern is that I've always had low blood pressure. 90/55, 100/65.  I
don't understand why she would give me meds right away without getting a
couple of higher blood pressure reads.  I've NEVER had an abnormal reading
until now.  It makes me nervous.

We do have a ton of heart disease in my family, but again, I've never had
any problems.  Should I be worried?  Does anyone else use Altace or any
other Ace Inhibitor without having high blood pressure?  She says that she
has other patients that use it just for preventative measures.

Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated!

If you believe in miracles, no explanation is necessary.  If you don't
believe in miracles, no explanation is sufficient.
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