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Re: [IP] People +pumps

Heidi, I really feel for you with the reaction you received from your 
'friend'. Since I've been diabetic for almost 20 years now, I've ran into all 
sorts of reactions from different people. (Including other diabetics.) I've 
always been very open with the fact that I AM diabetic and I love educating 
people about diabetes. I know that there are millions of 'us' out there, 
however, a good majoraty of people still don't know what diabetes is and 
believe that eating too much sugar can make you get it. (That still kills me 
when I hear people say that!) I used to belong to a support group of diabetic 
teens when I was younger and will never forget one of the girls in the group 
had a very hard time telling anyone outside of her family that she's 
diabetic, she felt they'd have a very negative reaction. I don't understand 
what makes people react the way they do, but no matter what, I feel as a 
diabetic, I need to let the people around me know about it just in case 
anything was to ever happen to me. (Then, they can tell the EMTs what's 
wrong, instead of them playing a guessing game.) Like I said, I AM a 
diabetic, that's a part of who I am that will never change... well, maybe?? 
But, for as long as I am, I will continue to let people know and teach them 
as much as they're willing to learn. I hope that you also continue to tell 
your friends about your condition and your pump and just know that there are 
many, MANY more people out there who will be supportive than anything else. 
Keep your chin up.... and your blood sugars down!! :o)

Elizabeth (Still awaiting the arrival of my new little friend, just waiting 
for the insurance thing to go through!)

LOL....kind of feel like I'm pregnant and awaiting the birth of my new baby!! 
Jeez, I CAN'T wait!!!
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