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[IP] Re: pump educator?

This is what I did in December when I checked into it. Call or
email the company or companies that you're interested in being a
pump trainer for and let them know you're interested. They will
put you in touch with the rep in your area. I was told Disetronic
had no requirements as far as being CDE's, RN's, etc. I believe
the only requirement was that you had to be pumping for one year.
BUT MiniMed and Animas both told me they DO have certain
requirements (but they said things could change so they put my
name on a list anyway, for future reference.) There are people
who work for all three companies on this list, perhaps they can
tell you more about the specific requirements. 

I did my training for the DTRON in December and it was a 4hr
seminar (I've heard sometimes they are 8hrs.) They are free and
we were served lunch at our seminar. At the end, we took a test.
If you pass the test you get a certificate that is good for 2yrs
(I just got mine a few days ago) and it is good only for the
specific pump you took the training for (so if you want to be a
trainer for the DTRON AND the HTRON you'd have to take 2
seminars.) However, before you can do ANY pump trainings for
Disetronic, the rep has to observe you doing a training 1-3
times. Then you are fully certified and the company will utilize
you as a pump trainer. Being a pump trainer just allows you to
hook people up to pumping and does not involve any teaching as
far as carb counting, carb/insulin ratios, etc go. It is my
understanding that in my particular area, there is not a great
need for pump trainers, as the physicians around here use the
Disetronic rep's CDE to train new pumpers. So I doubt I'll ever
get called. But that's okay...it was still pretty neat to take
the training and get to play with the DTRON. :)  

Hope this helps! 

Bill said:
How does one get certification as a pump trainer?

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