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[IP] Insertion Devices & Choosing Infusion Sets

While we're waiting for our first appointment with a pump-friendly endo, I've 
been trying to learn all I can in advance about pumping (I sleep with 
"Pumping Insulin" under my pillow <g!>) . . . 

I was talking to a Minimed Rep the other day (though we're pretty set on 
going with the Disetronic H-tron) and was told that they now have an 
insertion device available for their Quick-Set infusion sets call the 
"Quick-serter."  And the literature he sent me showed an "Sil-Serter" for 
inserting Silhouetttes is on its way (pending FDA clearance).  Having three 
inserter devices is great news to me -- my 10 year old daughter currently 
uses the Inject-Ease for her injections (resulting in a HUGE decrease in her 
needle anxiety levels), so I know that using an insertion device with the 
right kind of infusion set for her would likely be a real plus, especially in 
the early stages of pumping.

I know choosing an infusion set is a personal choice, but I'd be interested 
in hearing from some experienced pumpers about what factors I should consider 
. . . Like what difference does 90 degree vs. 30 degree insertion angles 
make?   What makes you prefer the length of tubing you use (23" vs. 43")? 
What are the pros & cons of at-site disconnect vs. 4" 'tail" disconnect?  
Plus anything else we should think about in choosing sets . . . If it 
matters, my 10 year old daughter is moderately active (loves the water, 
tennis, skating - but no team sports), and is slender but not super lean at 
4' 11" and 95 lbs . . .

Thanks in advance for all the great input!

Lyndy Latta
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