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[IP] Re: People+ pumps

Heidi writes

<< I just had my first major negative reaction about
 going on the pump(from a *friend*).Whoever said that
 letting other folks know about diabetes and/or the
 pump has never walked a day in my shoes,I seem to have
 extremily negative experiences with this. >>

Heidi - sorry the experience of telling someone you were on the pump felt so 
negative.  I too have had varied reactions - from extreme interest and 
wanting to learn more, to pondering "how can you live with that thing", to 
clear avoidance and withdrawal.  I still remain open with both testing and 
using my pump because I FEEL normal and believe others need to become more 
open to the variety of ways we all need to live.  If someone withdraws, 
becomes squeamish, or panders over "poor you" I see it as their problem and 
not mine.  I guess it's YMMV all over again as to what we choose to share and 
why.  Hope you didn't turn this experience into "something's wrong with me 
and I have to hide my diabetes/pump."  Jill T Peaks Island Maine
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