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Re: [IP] New Pump

> Hello Everyone,
>       My daughter finally received her pump last Friday, she was so excited! 
> Her readings were great that night, but the pump became kinked during the 
> night and she was 600 Sat. morning. She removed everything and went back to 
> injections, until meeting with a MiniMed rep on Thursday. They reset 
> everything and inserted the pump again. Then this morning she called 
> hysterical and said the tubing had come out and she could smell insulin, and 
> the site was bleeding profusely. Monday they are going to insert the catheter 
> with a needle. Have any of you ever had this problem? She is becoming very 
> discouraged, and depressed.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Shannon is 28 and was diagnosed 10yrs. ago......Thank you,  Tricia

Don't get discourage. These kinds of problems are pretty typical for 
newbie pumpers. It takes a short while to sort out all the small details 
you need to know to make everything work "right". 

When you post (as above) include the details of what has gone wrong as 
well as what preparation steps or actions you took that prior to the 
problem. Usually the problems are small and easily recoginized.

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