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Re: [IP] Insurance is finally paying!!

Would it be possible to get the names of all the insurance companies in
Canada that have paid for the pump and supplies?
Thanks Brian
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Date: Saturday, February 24, 2001 10:38 PM
Subject: [IP] Insurance is finally paying!!

>Hi everyone - just had to celebrate my victory! I've been fighting my
>insurance company - Greenshield Canada for 9 months to pay for pump
>supplies. My husbands old insurance paid for the pump and supplies without
>too much hassle, but he opened his own company, and we had to get our own
>First they said they would pay, so I submitted, then they refused, and then
>paid for that claim on a one time basis, because they said they would
>initially pay. Then I contacted the Ombudsman for the company, who is also
>the President and CEO. I appealed to him, and was turned down. So I wrote
>to the Insurance Ombudsman of Ontario, and they forwarded Greenshield the
>letter, and they denied me again. They said they do pay for pump supplies
>for certain group insurance, but because my policy was not for a "group"
>(company) it was not part of the coverage.
>My argument with them was it didn't say anything about pump supplies in the
>policy, just diabetic supplies, and pump supplies are diabetic supplies.
>Well, I didn't know what else to try, and then last week I got a call from
>Greenshield. They reversed their decision on "compassionate grounds"
>because "a five year old shouldn't have to have needles" - well, I'm not
>going to argue with the logic, but I am happy that I persisted and won!
>So all you people that are fighting for coverage - keep fighting, because
>you can win!!
>Linda, mom to Adam, 5, pumping with Minimed 508 (beep-beep) for 1 year and
>loving it
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