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[IP] People +pumps

I just had my first major negative reaction about
going on the pump(from a *friend*).Whoever said that
letting other folks know about diabetes and/or the
pump has never walked a day in my shoes,I seem to have
extremily negative experiences with this.I had only
let my family know about the pump so far(they were
extremily supportive), so I thought I'd try it out on
what someone else thought.She was visably
shocked,though polite.Of course she thought it was a
weird thing to do.Diabetes or the pump,why is it
always the same reaction of extreme disbelief("You
seemed like such a normal person!")coupled with
notions of what terrible things you must have to go
through.I know I'm going to love my new pump,and all I
wanted was for my friend to be happy for me.I was so
positive about it all too,didn't seem to make a
difference.Boy,I just hope it isn't going to be this
bad with all my other aquantinces or I'm not telling
anyone else.(they'll just find out when they see an
EMT try to revive me)If they don't want to hear about
it,I certainly won't tell them.My bs was 95 at the
time(unusual for me) so I probably wasn't thinking
straight-felt borderline low.Thats when I perform my
stupedist actions,it seems.
        Heidi (insurance approvel pending on pump)

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