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Re: [IP] Hba1c...4-6 weeks?

--- Donna Gardner <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Here is the link from childrenwithdiabetes.com about
> the Hba1c only covering a
> four to six week period.
 I sure hope this doesn't mean they'll suggest getting
an a1c every 6 weeks,its nervewracking enough getting
it every twelve.This would mean getting one in between
three month appts?(a mail in Ha1c would come in handy
for this)or shorter times in between appts.I don't
think I'd like either one,and I'm not saying this
because I'm opposed to the idea.Life with diabetes is
tough enough without being impossibly intensive,and 
while tight control is the goal,it isn't practical to
hope for perfection.They need to do some studies on
how getting one every 6 weeks versus 12+ would affect
control before I'd consider it.It may just be like
comparing testing BS 4 times a day versus 8 is,your
bgs may remain steady at whatever or may fluctuate
wildly.Since they've got the short term fructasimine
test now,I can't see that getting a1cs more frequently
would be that useful.
 My 2 cents-
  Heidi(insurance pump approvel pending)

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