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Re: [IP] Trigger Finger/Thumb Question


I've tried more things for this, plus the carpel tunnel that has afflicted 
me.  Most have been effective enough in a limited way that I've avoided 
surgery.  I still have a lot of discomfort sometimes though.  It depends on 
your way of thinking.  If surgery seems right to you, do it.

Ginger soaks work really well to soothe -- just put some ginger in boiling 
water, steep, and soak.  It's a bit easier on clean up than parafin baths and 
I think equally effective.

Thinking about relaxing and extending the fingers helps me a lot.  I sleep 
with a pillow next to me for my hands so I can think about relaxing them on 
to it as I fall asleep.  And throughout the day I catch myself tensing (I 
think it's my diabetic body that does this, not stress).  I stop, extend my 
fingers and relax.

On ocasion I've had acupuncture.  I get frequent acupuncture treatments to 
keep my circulation going and relieve various discomforts.  My doctor is 
really insulting about this, but he doesn't have diabetes.  I think it 
stimulates the circulation to affected areas and helps a lot.

good luck,

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