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[IP] Correction Caution

Yesterday, I went out to sushi with my brother. Good stuff, sushi,
especially since I lived in Japan for almost 3 years, and LOVE Japanese

Anyway, exceedingly rough estimate of how much I was going to eat was 8
units worth -- 120g of carbs. 

Two hours after the meal, I was 238 -- OK, high, so let's measure at 3
hours. 162 at 3 hours, OK, good, dropping, so don't do anything, but
measure at 4 hours. 

Well, 4 hours is when my Humalog is GONE, so when I measured 200 at 4
hours, I knew I needed a correction. Took 2 units, with a goal of 100 --
measured 3 hours later, was 127, and woke up this morning at 117. 

So I count that a successful correction. 

I think it's necessary to resist the temptation to correct too early,
before you know what your remaining unused insulin is going to do.
Especially if you're inconsistent about it.

There have been times when, if I was 162 at 3 hours, I would have been
112 at 4 hours, and if I'd corrected, I would have plunged myself into a
hypo -- and I learned that, because I've DONE it! But in THIS case, I
went back up again, so I knew I could take a correction safely. 

Of course, I'm NOT considering things like teenage hormones, or
unaccustomed activity -- this was what Michael calls a "vanilla" day.
But I think the results were pretty satisfactory, no?

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