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[IP] Insurance is finally paying!!

Hi everyone - just had to celebrate my victory! I've been fighting my
insurance company - Greenshield Canada for 9 months to pay for pump
supplies. My husbands old insurance paid for the pump and supplies without
too much hassle, but he opened his own company, and we had to get our own

First they said they would pay, so I submitted, then they refused, and then
paid for that claim on a one time basis, because they said they would
initially pay. Then I contacted the Ombudsman for the company, who is also
the President and CEO. I appealed to him, and was turned down. So I wrote
to the Insurance Ombudsman of Ontario, and they forwarded Greenshield the
letter, and they denied me again. They said they do pay for pump supplies
for certain group insurance, but because my policy was not for a "group"
(company) it was not part of the coverage. 

My argument with them was it didn't say anything about pump supplies in the
policy, just diabetic supplies, and pump supplies are diabetic supplies.
Well, I didn't know what else to try, and then last week I got a call from
Greenshield. They reversed their decision on "compassionate grounds"
because "a five year old shouldn't have to have needles" - well, I'm not
going to argue with the logic, but I am happy that I persisted and won! 

So all you people that are fighting for coverage - keep fighting, because
you can win!!

Linda, mom to Adam, 5, pumping with Minimed 508 (beep-beep) for 1 year and
loving it
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