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Re: [IP] Things we've learned after first month of pumping


  My son is Joshua.  He is now 9 and was dxd at 5.5.  He started pumping 
right after his 8th BD.  I have written to you before when you first joined 
this list.  Are you still looking into getting the pump soon?  What do you 
want in the way of help?  If your endo is for it then the insurance really 
does not have the right to question his/her medical authority.  And there are 
a lot of kids a lot younger going on the pump.  Shoot, a few months ago on 
the Diabetes Forecast magazine they had a picture of a little 5 year old who 
was on the pump!!!  And had been for a liittle while before this article was 
done!!!!  FIVE YEAR OLD, and on the cover a leading magazine.  Perhaps you 
should get that copy (or I will be glad to copy it and send it to you) and 
have that included in your request!!!  Just found it...MAY00 issue  "Putting 
Kids On The Pump" is the head line on the cover of this issue with his 
adorable little face.  Like I said if you don't have it I will be glad to 
send a copy of the article!!

Sorry Nancy, I just looked through more of my mail and saw your response to 
my email message.  WOW a 5.6!!  Josh just had his first lowest at 8.1 and we 
are tickled pink!!!  You really don't want to shoot for those real low 
numbers at this stage of the game.  Too much of a chance for hypos.  Our endo 
says that a 6.8-7.5 is a gret number for this age group.  I trust him 
COMPLETELY becaue Kerri and I feel we have THE BEST ENDO IN THE WHOLE 
WORLD!!!!  And he is a military doc!!!!

Yes, I never spent any time o the internet at all.  Now I've upped my monthly 
minutes and am considering going digital!!!  Hey, you are a pediatric RN??  
If so perhaps you should consider studying for your CDE.  There is such a 
need for CDEs that know something about kids!!  I am hoping to get mne but 
have a long ways to go!  My BS is in Psychology.  It would take a MS in that 
field or something else.  I'm looking into it now.  Meanwhile I am working on 
becoming a pump trainer.  Just got my first certificate from Dis. for their 
D-Tron.  Waiting to get the H-Tron one and then MM and Animas.  Already been 
in touch with Animas!

Yes, I will send you that invitation for the ecircle.  It is a great place to 
go for additional info and Kerri is THE BEST teacher you could ever want!!

mom to Joshua
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