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[IP] Glucometer Elite meter Variance

    I decide to test all these meters in a different manner from finger 
pricks.  So when Claire was next in having blood taken from her arm, the 
technician gives me a nice big drop of blood from the vein and I proceed to 
test 3 meters, which previously all read quite differently.
    Guess what??  All 3 meters are almost identical !!  The diabetes nurse 
couldn't believe this story, but I realized there is just something about 
finger pricks that produces a lot of variation.  So now I just use all 3 
meters and try not to worry about any differences.  I had wisely read in the 
past to use your bg readings from home meters as a guide only.  But I do 
realize how difficult it is when you are making insulin adjustments based on 
these readings.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 6, ////////////snip
squeezing your finger or clair's adds some interstitial fluid, tissue juice
to the blood drop. when you realize you are extrapolating an answer in
mg/100 ml from a sample of 0.3 mcl (microliter) the mu needs to be http so
I didn't use it. you can see how dilution of a sample matters. btw it
doesn't really matter in a realistic sense. in the lab when i want to do a
quick bg and i have a glucose meter on the bench  draw it in an edta tube
which has a little edta solution. it gives a different result from an
oxylate tube which contains only the powdered oxylate. i have checked these
against my glucometer elite and found them to be dead on balls accurate as
ms Mona Lisa Vidi says in my cousin vinny. If you never saw the movie rent
it! It perfectly matches the cgms too. The interstitial fluid is suppsed to
match blod perfectly but some experiments i did on myself by piercing my
skin with a laser and drawing out interstitial fluid into a capillary tube
with a silver contact on it it is different, vexing Cygnus in its quest for
the holy grail of diabetes, testing without finger sticks. the strips
contain glucose oxidase. if they are improperly stored, youl get inaccurate
results, dont bother sending the meter, its good, send the strips. if the
timing is off you'll get inaccurae results too, send the meter if you
suspect an error in timing. Spot,what do you think Jim Handsfield?
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